Latin Performance at Arizona Pro

Latin Performance at IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix and Arizona Pro Show

Shakira Shakira…

Hey guys! Wanted to share my Shakira inspired latin fitness routine with you all from the Arizona Pro on September 8th, 2018. I’ve always LOVED Shakira and have been wanting to do something Shakira/Latin themed for a long time. I worked with Jenn Becerra on the dance elements (because she’s ridiculously talented and I have no dance background, find her on IG @jammin.jenn76) for this routine and it has by far become my favorite routines to date. It’s just fun, high energy and fits my personality.
This was my first time performing this new routine and I had an absolute blast! I’ve since made a few changes to this performance, adding in more strength elements for the Legion Sports Fest, and plan to continue into next season with this same routine and theme…but  with some major improvements in store!
Nonetheless, super proud of this new routine debut and so excited to see it evolve in the coming months! So check it out and stay tuned for more…

Thank you Maximum Muscle Report for recording and sharing our Fitness Routines!!


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