Booty Building

Booty Building: Because it’s all about that “bass” right?
Building the booty has become the latest crazed- trending body part emphasized in fitness at the moment, however it may not be as easy as it looks to create that round, firm, “peach-like” trend.
In fact, building gluteus shape, size and strength can take a lot of work, patience and consistency. Let’s put extra emphasis on WORK! And, depending upon your starting point, building your ideal set of buns can take more time than most are willing to dedicate to the cause. Now, aside from the obvious aesthetics of building the glutes, there are actually major benefits to working our backsides:
Booty Building Benefits:

  • Improves Posture
  • Stabilize Pelvis
  • Decrease Back Stress
  • Proper Hip Movement
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Decrease Risk of Injury
  • Reduce Knee and Lower Back Pain

There are tons of great benefits associated with increasing glute strength and working the buns! At the same time, with this latest trend, there may be more booty building exercises, tips, tricks and trends than any other body part. So how do you know what works, what’s effective, and how to reach your booty building goals?
Check out this glute-focused workout I put together to do just that! Build the booty effectively, efficiently, and with confidence knowing that you will reap results from the work you’re putting in.
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Exercise Breakdown:

  1. Glute Bridges: this is arguably the best booty building exercise out there with a multitude of different ways to do it. In this workout I am using a hip-thrust machine, but this exercise could be easily performed using a barbell or plate and a bench, or laying on a mat. The key movement is lifting the hip up until they are in line with the knees and squeezing the glutes and hamstrings. It is vital to actively squeeze and feel the gluteus working in order to make the most out of this exercise. It’s all about that mind-body connection!
  2. Donkey Kicks: one of my favorite “go to’s” for working the buns! The key to performing this exercise effectively is to make sure you are not leaning over too far and the moving leg is passing through a full range of motion on the eccentric movement (full stretch in glute and hamstrings bringing knee up, contracting hip-flexors) and the concentric movement (extended leg backwards flexing glutes and hamstrings). Give the glutes a little pause and extra squeeze at the top of the contraction on the kick back and feel your muscles working.
  3. Split Squats: this exercise can be performed several different ways. For this workout, I’m doing them off of a bench with dumbbells, which requires a little balance and a slower, more controlled movement (using the smith machine is another great option and requires less stability). It’s important to keep the top of your foot flat on the bench, chest should be lifted throughout, and the knee of the working leg should be behind your toes as you lower slowly into the squat. The slower, the harder, the better for this version of split squats!
  4. Goblet Squats: another booty building favorite! There are also many different variations of the goblet squat, however for this workout I’m performing the squats at an even tempo with a one second pause at the bottom. This allows me to use a heavier dumbbell and really contract the glutes. Be sure to hold the dumbbell with the palms of your hands and close to your chest, feet slightly wider than shoulders, knees right over ankles throughout, and a slight posterior tilt in the hips to ensure the lower back is protected and doesn’t round.
  5. Cable Deadlift: the cable deadlift is an awesome variation to using a barbell or dumbbells because it allows easy control and muscle isolation, targeting that glute-ham tie-in and stretch. Perform this exercise slow and controlled with a three to four second eccentric movement and two to three second concentric movement, adding in an additional two to three second glute squeeze at the top of the contraction. Feet position and stance can vary but a neutral spine, slight posterior tilt, and pulling the shoulders back is a must.
  6. Reverse Hack Squat: this exercise should be a staple in every booty-building workout! For this workout in particular I have lighter weight set on the hack squat for a slow and controlled four second eccentric and two second concentric movement—time under tension! Going heavier and faster is not the intention for this one. This will burn up the glutes and legs! Squat slow and squat deep! Keep feet wider than shoulders if possible and keep the knees over the ankles. Don’t let the knees collapse inward.
  7. Curtsy Lunges: I love using the smith machine for curtsy lunges because it takes stability out of the equation so I can focus on form and feeling that stretch all the way through the glutes and hamstrings. When performing this exercise, do one set on the same leg and then switch, don’t alternate legs. Make sure you take a wide step backwards but off to the side (hence curtsy, instead of regular reverse lunge) but keep the knee of the working leg right over the ankle. Actively squeeze your glutes at the top of the contraction.

I hope you all enjoy this workout as much as I do! Don’t forget the importance of making the “mind-body” connection when performing exercises, feeling the muscles you’re working, and actively contracting your muscles!
Happy Booty Building! ~Kristine

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  1. Angela

    These are all awesome booty building exercises! After you taught me these and I did them consistently I noticed a huge difference in my glutes. Thanks for the tips and I think these can help so many.

    1. Justin Harvey


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