Mommy and Me Stroller Workout

Mommy and Me Stroller Workout

Often times I speak with new moms and post-partum women who are struggling to find time to exercise or figure out how to get a quick workout in. This was also the case for my very own sister, a first time mom who just gave birth to her sweet baby boy a couple months ago. She struggled with severe fatigue, irregular eating and nutrition, and exercise was pretty much non-existent. So I took her through this awesome stroller workout she could do anywhere, anytime and I want to share it with you all too.
Now, most post-partum women need to wait a certain length of time post birth and be cleared by their doctors prior to beginning regular exercise again. For the moms who are not yet cleared to exercise, try a few brisk walks pushing the stroller each week, followed by light stretching until you are cleared for more, and for the moms who have been cleared, give this “mommy and me” stroller workout a try on the next outing with your little one!

Stroller Workout Breakdown

On a track or at the park: warm-up with either 1 lap around the track or a five-minute brisk walk pushing your little one in the stroller, followed a few minutes of dynamic stretching.

Part 1: Lap Exercises (perform each exercise for 1-lap around the track or two 7-minute rounds around a park):

  1. First lap & “How To:” Walking Lunges! If you’re on a track, perform alternating walking lunges while pushing the stroller on the straightaways and walk at normal pace on the curves. If at the park, perform the lunges for 5 consecutive minutes and walk at normal pace for 2 minutes, repeating this twice.
  2. Next lap (or 5 min work with 2 min walking rest, then repeat): Walking lunges with a glute kick-back. Take these a little bit slower so that you can pause at the top of each lunge to add in a glute kick back on the opposite leg, squeezing glutes at the top of each kick.
  3. Lap three: Alternating knee-up with a crunch and calf raise! Be sure to crunch the abdominals and pull the belly in as you add in your knee-up, while also performing a calf raise on the opposite leg.
  4. Lap four: Alternating curtsy lunges! These can be a bit tricky and require a little bit of coordination at first, but once you have it they’ll become your favorite! You’ll want to step backwards to curtsy lunge on one leg and use that same leg to travel forward, then switch.
  5. Lap five: Lunge scoots! For the lunge scoots, one leg will stay in front the entire time  switching up legs for the second round. The key here is to keep your hips low throughout each scoot (try not to lift the hips when stepping forward or scooting back leg forward).
  6. Lap six: Duck walks! Stay in a squat position with your chest lifting and shoulders stacked over your hips, taking small steps forward while pushing the stroller. You may look like a “duck” but this exercise will burn the legs and bootay!!

Part Two: Bench Exercises (find any bench or picnic table to perform the next round of exercises).

  1. Single leg step-ups: keep one foot firmly planted on the bench or seat of a picnic table, pushing up through the heel- squeezing glutes at the top of the step and returning to the starting position (Only pause at the top of the step up, not at the starting position).
  2. Push-ups or plank hold: plant the palms on the bench with arms slightly wider than shoulders and perform as many push-ups as you can until you begin to lose form. Rest and repeat for a second round. If you are not ready for push-ups, perform two 30-second plank holds in the same position instead.
  3. Bench dips: keeping feet flat and knees slightly bent, palms facing forward, lower your body as far as what is comfortable to press back up without lowering past a 90 degree angle in the elbow. For a more advanced dip, keep your legs out straight instead of bending at the knees.

Finish this entire workout with ten minutes of static stretching, holding each stretch for 15-20 seconds.

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    Woohoo love it. I actually always get sore from these too. Thanks sis for helping me find a way to feel good about myself again.

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