Train With Intention

Do you train with intention?
No matter your reason, training with a purpose or a goal in sight can make all of the difference in maximizing training effort. For me, regardless of competing, I always begin each workout or training session with intent. Every workout serves a purpose, whether it’s to blow off steam and destress, become stronger, lose body fat, or train for a competition.
I want to maximize my effort and efficiency every time I exercise, regardless of the allotted time I’m given to do so. An easy way to achieve this is to simply write down or log the purpose of each workout and what you hope to get out of it each day. Another positive way to help stay on track and get the most out of your session is to write down what you are going to do for your workout (intent), and then try to exceed it by either one or two exercises or by duration. This can leave you feeling positive and accomplished, AND pumped that you exceeded your own expectations for yourself!! Positive vibes across the board! And guess what, if you weren’t able to exceed what your intent was for your workout, accomplishing the workout you set out to do is a huge achievement in itself–deserving of several pats on the back.
So train with intention and remember, you never know who you are inspiring out there so keep going and keep exceeding your own expectations (and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back from time to time too)!
Training video compilation below from 2018 Arnold Classic contest prep! Thanks to BLN Studios!

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